Family Office Services

family office services

For high net worth individuals and families, managing wealth is much like managing a business. There are many aspects to the finances so it's best to coordinate bookkeeping, expenses, investments, and tax liabilities through one central resource. To organize your finances and minimize taxes, turn to Allmon, DiBernardo & Associates CPAs and Wealth Strategists, LLP for family office services. When you put your personal finances in our hands, we ensure that someone is looking at your entire financial picture to protect your wealth and control tax obligations. We'll take charge of your daily bookkeeping tasks, monthly bill paying, and yearly tax filings. We'll also put together a plan to save you money on taxes by using every legal deduction and loophole available to limit tax exposure.

When we take the lead in monitoring your finances, our unique perspective allows us harmonize all your financial and tax needs to expertly manage your money. You won't have to worry about vendors or banks mishandling funds because we'll track every dollar that goes in or out of your accounts. We'll also help you budget your spending so you can preserve wealth for the future and stay on the path to reach your financial goals.

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Wealth management services include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Budgeting
  • Bank deposits and bill paying
  • Asset reporting and tracking
  • Investment advisory
  • Quarterly financial reporting
  • Establishing financial controls
  • Income and estate tax planning
  • Philanthropic and charitable giving